Call of citizens of the Czech Republic


Call of citizens of the Czech Republic to the Government and Parliament of the Czech Republic

We, the undersigned citizens of the Czech Republic, do not want to passively look at how our state institutions and political leaders lose time in this – for our state – a breakthrough – and do not do what is their main duty under the Constitution of the Czech Republic. It is – in the first place – to defend the interests and security of the citizens of the Czech Republic. Mass migration poses a major threat to the stability of Europe and the individual EU Member States. We are confronted with a major threat to the future of our country.

We are not indifferent to the suffering of the victims of the wars and other disasters of the present world, but we refuse to manipulate public opinion based on the abuse of natural feelings of solidarity with migrants. We refuse to translate today’s migration problem into a debate about the Europeans’ attitude towards other cultures, religions, races and ethnicities. We see undeniable risks and threats from the artificial mixing of disparate nations, cultures and religions.

The Czech government is hesitant and alibistic about today’s dangerous developments in the Czech Republic and in Europe. He is not sufficiently confronted with the growing pressure of the leaders of European powers to sacrifice our national life interests to their political intentions, as we have in history.

We consider it unacceptable that, under the pressure of the EU, under the pressure of predominantly Germany and France, the Schengen rules will be violated and that those countries that are trying to comply with them – such as Hungary – be threatened with EU sanctions.

We do not agree that the legitimate concerns of a large part of our and the European public of the devastating influx of migrants are downplayed, silenced and scandalized from official places and for the most part. On the other hand, various elitist political groups – hidden behind the facade of scientists, academics, or supposed moral authorities – are perceived as a norm of public opinion.

For all these reasons, we call on the Czech government to

  • ensure the internal security and external integrity of our country’s borders by all means at its disposal (including the use of the Police and the Army of the Czech Republic). In order to ensure that our country’s legal order and international commitments have been respected, and not to create a chaos that already exists in a number of countries – including our closest neighbors – in the context of the migrant crisis;
  • at EU level, has not adopted any quotas or similar measures to “migrate” migrants to the EU countries (and against them), and to ensure that the countries that make up the “entry area” for the immigration wave are to fulfill their obligations, ie to return migrants to their countries;
  • insisted on the respect of valid contracts in the area of ​​asylum, refused pressure on their changes facilitating and stimulating immigration, and other international debates or norms discussed today subordinated the Czech citizens’ approval to referendum, or possibly asked for such a mandate in early elections.

Signature number one: Václav Klaus, 4. 9. 2015